305N: Two Children at Sea

The book is about two children who are by the sea. They eat papayas and go to an underwater kingdom where there’s a mirror that says every sentence backwards. One of the children’s names is Ricky and the king of the underwater kingdom decrees that papayas will be know as “papayas, paw paws, and Ricky Rickies”. I listened to it as an audiobook that we borrowed from Cracker Barrel sometime between 1994-2000.


4 thoughts on “305N: Two Children at Sea

  1. Palmer Brown wrote two books about going to another world through a pond, and one of them is called “Beyond the Paw Paw Trees.” So your book may be either that or the other book, which is called “The Silver Nutmeg.”

    • Unfortunately that’s not it… it was a much more modern book than the 50’s, I’d say the earliest it could be was the 70’s but the 90’s is much more likely

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