305V: Before the Mardi Gras Parade

Young boy in New Orleans sneaks in to see a float where it’s stored before Mardi Gras parade. This was a book I read in the mid-1950s. Could have sworn it was a Little Golden Book, but can’t find it in lists. Atmospheric drawings with French Quarter architecture. Can’t remember if there were consequences for child sneaking in to see the float being built or stored; he may have fallen asleep on the float and woken up when it began to move for the parade (but unsure about that plot point). I remember pictures of harlequin costumes and masks. Toward the end, he ate a snow cone or snow ball with crushed ice and syrup (during the parade?).

2 thoughts on “305V: Before the Mardi Gras Parade

  1. I can be of no help, since I too have been trying to find this book. The book I remember was not a Golden Book. I’m sure of this because I received it as a Christmas present the same year I also received my first Golden Book.
    As I remember it it was a “hardcover”(cardboard”, slightly larger and thinner than a Golden book, a primarily white with pen and ink drawings. The drawings and the details about the French Quarter are what impressed me too.

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