307R: Consciousness put into robots

Sci-fi children’s book about traveling to another planet via consciousness into a robot. The main character is a boy visiting his aunt. The aunt lives there but her consciousness has been put into a robot against her will and she is held hostage by, if I remember correctly, her servants.

2 thoughts on “307R: Consciousness put into robots

  1. I think I remember this book. I believe it took place in the future. If I’m thinking of the same one, they weren’t robots, exactly, but dummies that a person’s consciousness would be put into. Replicas of what the person really looked like, only in a different location, a form of travel. You’d go to sleep and wake up in the new location in the copy of your own body. But the dummies could be distinguished from the real people by some sort of mark or scar. I wish I remembered more. I would have read this book in the late 80s. I hope someone knows the title or author.

  2. I can remember reading this, too, and got obsessed this afternoon. Finally found it on WorldCat: “My Trip to Alpha I” by Alfred Slote (1978). Description from Scholastic Books: When sixth-grader Jack travels to help his aunt move from Alpha I to Earth, he enters a dummy body by VOYA-CODE. Will his dummy be able to learn why his aunt is acting strangely?

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