309N: Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz Survivalist

True story about a young (12-14 year old) Jewish boy who uses his wit, street-wise and athletic abilities to keep one step ahead of his Nazi captors in the Warsaw, Poland ghetto.  For a while he is able to secure items for people trapped in that prison-like environment by sneaking out of the ghetto and returning unnoticed.   Eventually he is sent to Auschwitz concentration camp.  He escapes by hiding in a railway car leaving the site with packed clothing.  He goes back to Warsaw to warn others about conditions at Auschwitz and joins the Jewish fighters in the ghetto uprising against the occupying German army.  He again is sent to Auschwitz and escapes a second time by hiding under a truck leaving the prison.  He survives World War II and ultimately publishes the book about his exploits only after his wife perishes in a house fire.  I do not know the name of the book or the date of publication.

3 thoughts on “309N: Warsaw Ghetto and Auschwitz Survivalist

  1. I read a similar story, perhaps this is the book you are looking for. The title “A Lucky Child” by Thomas Buergenthal.

  2. Neither “A Lucky Child” or For Those I Loved” is the book that I’m trying to obtain. However, thanks for the suggestions they are similar in nature.

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