310D: Coming of age on another planet

I read a science fiction novel from my junior high library, so sometime between 1974-1976 but I don’t know how old it was at the time. It was a coming-of-age story. The point of view character was a boy/young man. He and his group crashed(?)/were stranded on an alien, rocky planet. There are adults with him, but somehow he has to take charge. He encounters another human castaway/refugee, whom he takes to be another boy and who is wary of him. Turns out the other boy is a girl in disguise. They decide to cooperate. Any ideas what book this was?

5 thoughts on “310D: Coming of age on another planet

  1. No adults, but this sounds like Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein. The teens are on a school exercise to another planet, but the transport technology breaks down. The boy/girl is Jacqueline, and calls herself Jack.

  2. Thanks for the replies. You’re all in agreement, and Heinlein sounds plausible, so I’ve requested a copy. It’ll be worth (re)reading in any case. . . .

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