310L: Vulture eats the Profits

I am looking for a children’s book that I read to my son in the late 70’s.  It is about a vulture.  My vague recollection is that the vulture goes into business but keeps messing up by doing things like eating up all of the inventory etc.  He has other animal character friends that help him out.  It may have been a series of books about these animal characters.  The title could have been something like “Vulture eats the Profits “.
Any help that you can give me would be highly appreciated.   The book has sentimental value.


5 thoughts on “310L: Vulture eats the Profits

  1. Could it have been an elephant rather than a vulture? There was a series of books called “Sweet Pickles” in the late 70s- mid 80s with animal characters. There was a vulture in the series, but your book sounds like “Elephant Eats the Profits”.
    Wikipedia has a list of all the books here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sweet_Pickles#Books_in_the_series
    There was an awesome commercial where some of the animals would drive up in a green bus and deliver the books.

  2. Not sure if my last comment went through. Is it possible that it was an elephant instead of a vulture? There was a series of children’s books called “Sweet Pickles” in the late 70s/80s. The characters were all animals, and there was a vulture, but it seems like your book might be “Elephant Eats the Profits”. Wikipedia has a full list of the books.

  3. Sounds like a mixture of two books in the Sweet Pickles series: “Elephant Eats the Profits” and “Kiss Me, I’m Vulture.”

  4. Do you perhaps mean Elephant Eats the Profits? It’s a Sweet Pickles book and all the characters in the town of Sweet Pickles are animals. Vulture has his own book called Kiss Me, I’m Vulture. There is a book (and character) for every letter of the alphabet.

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