310Y: The Alphabet book

BC alphabet book from the 1980's. Soft cover, probably a burgundy colour. Place names from British Columbia, e. g. : Annie from Abbotsford, and then a little story about that. Bought for my son who was born 1982 so could've been published in the 70's? I believe he received it when he was 4 or 5 years old.


One thought on “310Y: The Alphabet book

  1. The Great B.C. Alphabet Book Written and illustrated by Nicola Morgan

    This colourful, fun-filled alphabet book presents goofy looking animals in various places in British Columbia. The short poem for each letter lists a B.C. community and a tidbit of information about that place appears at the bottom of the page. A great way to introduce B.C. to young children.
    Published 1985

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