311D: Similar to Nancy Drew

Looking for a mystery series similar to Nancy Drew but with two girls and a tag along little brother.

4 thoughts on “311D: Similar to Nancy Drew

  1. I don’t recall a tag-along little brother, but you might want to look at Trixie Belden books. She did have a little brother who she had to babysit. I grew up on her books instead of Nancy Drew books because my mother had a case of them.

  2. Could be Trixie Belden? There were technically three girls, but Diana didn’t appear as much as Trixie and Honey. Trixie had a little brother named Bobby.

  3. This could be the Meg Duncan series of books by Holly Beth Walker. I just actually ordered a few of them for my daughter but haven’t received them yet. Meg was an only child but she would solve mysteries with her best buddy Kerry who came frim a big family. I haven’t read them in probably 35-40 years but I do seem to recall that in one of them ( I read 5 out the 6 that we’re written—I could never find the 6th one as a child), Kerry’s little brother got involved somehow. Worth checking out at least. Just be aware there are a couple other junior sleuths named Meg, so make sure it’s the right author .

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