311E: An Old Abbot’s House

The book I am thinking about would have been published before 1968 I believe because i read it when I was about eight or nine in 1967.  I live in England.  I believe i borrowed it from the library or the school library.

The book was about a group of children staying in an old Abbot’s house or at least close to an old monastery.  Virtually all I can remember of the plot was the finding of an old map in a settle in the house, which led them to find treasure in the monastery garden.I seem to remember the treasure was actually from the church and it was important for some reason that it had been found.

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  1. Hi,

    It could be Over Sea, Under Stone by Susan Cooper, published in 1965 in London. Three children go on vacation to visit their uncle. They find a map in the attic where they are staying. One of them finds a similar but different map in an old guidebook. She takes it to the vicar for an explanation but later asks her uncle. Their uncle says it is a copy of a much older map with clues about a hidden treasure. They eventually solve the puzzle and find the Grail. It’s the first book in a 5 part series that harks back to a variety of early British mythology about people and customs that protect Britain.

  2. There is a book called THE AMBERMERE TREASURE by Malcolm Saville. The book is about a young girl answering an ad in the newspaper for a job. She get a job working for two impoverished older ladies. There has been a rumour about a treasure hidden by one of the family members years ago. Mandy Jilley enlists the help of her family and some friends in helping the ladies and searching for a hidden treasure near a chapel.

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