311W: The Adventures They Shared And The Companionship

When I was in elementary school I checked a book, perhaps a series, from the school library. I have no memory of the title at all nor the author, but it gave me a love for Kerry Blue Terriers.

The story was about a girl and her beloved Kerry and the trips they took, I think in her bed at night…but oh, the adventures they shared and the companionship

2 thoughts on “311W: The Adventures They Shared And The Companionship

  1. Perhaps The Wicked Enchantment by Margot Benary-Isbert

    The dog Winnie plays a major part in this book and is a Kerry Blue Terrior

    Life in the old cathedral town of Vogelsang had gone on peacefully for many years, and life for Anemone and her father had always been a happy one. But strange and disturbing things began to happen. One of the cathedral statues of a foolish virgin disappeared, and also the figure of the gargoyle that spouted above it. The mayor dismissed three of the town’s most respected councilors, blaming them for the disappearance. And Anemone and her dog, Winnie, ran away from home – driven to it by the mean housekeeper and her horrid son who had made life miserable for Anemone since Father befriended and took them in. Even Aunt Gundula, a remarkable woman, who had been Anemone’s mother’s dearest friend and with whom Anemone took refuge, couldn’t, at first, understand why things in the town were in such upheaval. It was unheard of that the songbirds which had always been welcomed back by the townspeople each spring were now being caught in nets by the Mayor and his friends, and the Mayor had actually forbidden the sale of Easter eggs. This was more than Gundula, who each year painted the most beautiful eggs for Easter, could stand.

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