312C: Missing Pearls

Children search for missing (pearls?) from necklace on beach to save mermaids. I would have read this in the early 70s to 80s, and it very likely could have been a 2nd hand book. Some children are searching on a beach for the missing (I think pearls) from a necklace. The necklace needs to be complete to save (possibly) mermaids from something. I remember rockpools being involved. This has been bugging me for years, and I’d be so grateful if someone could solve it for me.

4 thoughts on “312C: Missing Pearls

  1. Very similar indeed to the story ‘The Mermaid’s Crown’ by Ruth Ainsworth. Failing that, her other mermaid stories might be worth checking to see if any of them ring a bell, especially if there’s any good reason to suspect that the book/story was British.

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