312G:Bad Colors

It’s from the first person point of view of a teenage girl. She has gone through some trauma; perhaps her dad has recently died? There’s some kind of new situation in her life. I think she’s living with her aunts? She was raised by New Age-y, witch-y types. It’s a realistic novel. Her immediate family are these flakey hippies, who have brought her up to be very superstitious. I think they read Tarot or some kind of divination for a living. She is beset with some problem; maybe she cuts herself? Over the course of the book, she learns to extricate herself from their superstition and magical thinking. They have a particular fixation on colors, with certain colors being good or bad luck. Yellow is very bad; it can’t be mixed with black. Purple is very significant & has to do with spirituality. The book ends with her on a therapist’s couch and she notices right away that it’s one of the “bad” colors, but then she reminds herself that that’s OK, that she’s going to dispense with this OCD-like fixation on the “right” color patterns & not be bound by her family’s backward ways.

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