312V: Series on Playing, Gardening, etc.

My sister and I have been looking for this book series from our childhood for close to 10 years now…ever since they were lost in a flood at our mother’s house.

These were hardcover books on various subjects titled things such as Playing, Gardening, Collecting, and Cooking. Each book was a different solid color with a circular picture on the front. The artwork in the books was by various artists and the writing was instructional in nature. For instance, the Playing book would have various games divided into chapters for things such as group games, team games, games for rainy days, etc

I say they are from the 70’s but I’m really not sure. From what I remember some of the artwork was very reminiscent of the style in Per Holm Knudsen’s How Baby is Made¬†while others remind me of the artwork of Mad Magazine’s Mort Drucker. This, of course, is coming from my memories as a young child…so I could be way off on those comparisons.

One additional thing is that while watching a video yesterday, I spotted this in the background which appears to be one of the books. I’m not 100% on that, but I figured it was worth including here.

One thought on “312V: Series on Playing, Gardening, etc.

  1. It’s the Creative Activities (Program) set of books, published in 1974. Here are the volumes:

    1. Making.
    2. Playing.
    3. Discovering.
    4. Performing.
    5. Creating.
    6. Collecting.
    7. Communicating.
    8. Producing.
    9. Fooling.
    10. Organizing.
    11. Growing.
    12. Caring.
    13. Building.
    14. Searching.
    15. Foraging.
    16. Traveling.
    17. Exploring.
    18. Sewing.
    19. Cooking.
    20. Index and guide.

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