313A: Christmas Cat (Solved)

The book was older, around in the 80’s/90’s, maybe older than that. It was a children’s Christmas Story of an old man who lived alone. He was known as a grumpy old man. A strange cat came to visit him everyday before Christmas and everyday he would angrily make the cat leave. On the final day (Christmas maybe?) something happenedĀ  (a memory of a loved one or something?) he was overjoyed with the cat for some reason and he let him stay. The story ended with him loving the cat and it being the best gift he had ever received. The title seems like it was “Mr. Mcdoogal’s Best Christmas Ever” or something similar. I feel strongly that the old man went by Mr. Something that starts with an “m”. The central theme was how angry/grumpy the lonely old man was and how his anger grew everyday the cat showed up until something changed and he loved the cat suddenly. Maybe the cat stopped coming for a while and it made him realize how he had grown fond of the cats visits and he was overjoyed when he returned?

4 thoughts on “313A: Christmas Cat (Solved)

    • No, that’s not it. Thank you for trying though! The old man is very grumpy in the book I’m looking for. I believe that’s the central theme of the book.

  1. Maybe James Stevenson? The Worst Person’s Christmas? Or Mr. Hacker? Or one of his Grandpa books?
    The other one I thought of was Mr. Pine by Kessler, but I think he’s pretty nice.

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