313L: Two Ladybugs Make Slippers

When I was a child, we enjoyed many books from the local library (located at Coventry Rd and Euclid Heights Boulevard in Cleveland Heights, Ohio).

A favorite was about two bugs. I remember them pictured as lady bugs named Pimpernel and Cochineal. Their friend Bagley Beetle was sick and they went to visit him and gave him some slippers they made for him.

Book was probably printed 1930’s or earlier.

2 thoughts on “313L: Two Ladybugs Make Slippers

  1. Thanks for your reply. I don’t remember the story had anything to do with winter, only that Bagley Beetle was sick and the two ladybugs made some slippers for him and went to visit him. Do you remember the author of the book you refer to? Perhaps this is the same author.

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