313Q: Calico Cat and Her Kittens Live in a Candy Store

I’m looking for a children’s book that I had received in the early to mid 70s. It was a thin illustrated book about a calico cat that had kittens and lived in a candy store. Those are the details I’m completely sure about.

I’m relatively sure that one of the kittens was white or cream colored. It may have been discolored by dust or soot at one point. The kittens were adopted. I’m pretty sure an old man owned the store and he gave the dirty kitten to a sad little girl who loved him and cleaned off the dirt to discover its beautiful fur.

I’ve been looking for this book for decades.

4 thoughts on “313Q: Calico Cat and Her Kittens Live in a Candy Store

  1. There’s a book entitled Peppermint, by Dorothy Grider and Raymond Burns, about a kitten born in a candy store who gets discolored by bluing.

  2. This sounds like “Peppermint “ by Dorothy Grider. A man who owns a candy store has a cat who has had kittens. He sells all but one, a shy little kitten that he gives to a poor girl. The kitten has white fur but has gotten dirty so it isn’t very pretty. The girl wants to bring it to school for a pet show so her mother washes it for her. The kitten falls into a tub of bluing and turns a lovely blue color and is the star of the pet show.

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