313W: An Old Easter Story

This book has an Easter theme or at least involved rabbits who produced these really ornate Easter eggs; some, or at least one of them, had another world inside it. I recall something about a Grand bunny or master rabbit or similar; but, there also seemed to be some kind of theme where a child escapes their current world into one of the eggs (like a pied piper kind of story).


2 thoughts on “313W: An Old Easter Story

  1. I came to this page to post about a similar book that I recall from childhood (so late 70s, and I’m pretty sure the book was way older) about a master/grandpa bunny and ornate easter eggs, and something about a mega storm that either a child or rabbit had to fight thru to get to the grand bunny. The illustrations were magnificent. Could it be the same? do you recall a storm too? Not that it helps us – we still don’t know the name! haha

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