314C: City Lights Collection for Children

My grandmother taught me to read from a book we called “City Lights” though it appears to not be it’s actual title. This would have been between 1982-1987, but I am sure the book is older than that. It was a collection of short stories and poems for children. The book itself was an 8 by 12 hard cover, I believe the cover was a night time cityscape in shades of blue with a single bright yellow window in one of the buildings. I remember a poem that went: “Cat and I we had a fight, I hit, cat bit, we quit.” There was a story about a little boy who doesn’t want to get his haircut, and his hair gets so long it gets in his food, after dogs are attracted to the food in his hair and chase him he decides he does want to get his hair cut. The illustrations for that story are very similar to Susan Perl’s illustrations for the story Too Many Bozos.

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