314B: Mer-Folk and a Stormy on Dance Night

The short story I am looking for was from a compilation of stories, probably a compilation of spooky stories. Not sure whether it was set in the United States or the United Kingdom. I think it was the UK.  I read it a few years ago; it was about an island that belongs to the mer-folk/ sea beings. The island lies off a coastal town which connect to the mainland via jetty/pier and build a dancehall on it. The mer-folk throw up a huge storm on a dance night and separate the island from the mainland once again. They claim back their island. There was good description of the storm and its effect on the dancers I think. I would love to read it again.

3 thoughts on “314B: Mer-Folk and a Stormy on Dance Night

  1. Sounds a bit like my vague memory of “The Flating Cafe” by Margery Lawrence, though I think that’s a long shot. I don’t have a copy handy to check.

  2. Possibly “The Floating Cafe” by Margery Lawrence, though I’d have to re-read it (if I could find my copy) to go beyond “possibly.”

    (I tried three times yesterday to post this suggestion, but the system kept refusing to let me post — apologies if suddenly all four attempted replies show up at once.)

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