314B: Mer-Folk and a Stormy on Dance Night

The short story I am looking for was from a compilation of stories, probably a compilation of spooky stories. Not sure whether it was set in the United States or the United Kingdom. I think it was the UK.  I read it a few years ago; it was about an island that belongs to the mer-folk/ sea beings. The island lies off a coastal town which connect to the mainland via jetty/pier and build a dancehall on it. The mer-folk throw up a huge storm on a dance night and separate the island from the mainland once again. They claim back their island. There was good description of the storm and its effect on the dancers I think. I would love to read it again.

4 thoughts on “314B: Mer-Folk and a Stormy on Dance Night

  1. Sounds a bit like my vague memory of “The Flating Cafe” by Margery Lawrence, though I think that’s a long shot. I don’t have a copy handy to check.

  2. Possibly “The Floating Cafe” by Margery Lawrence, though I’d have to re-read it (if I could find my copy) to go beyond “possibly.”

    (I tried three times yesterday to post this suggestion, but the system kept refusing to let me post — apologies if suddenly all four attempted replies show up at once.)

    • Dear Dennis,
      Yes, I think this is it. I just got a copy from the library yesterday and read it last night. I thought certain phrases and things would ring a bell but they didn’t. But, the story is close to what I remember…the problem is in the last ten years or so I have re-imagined differently. But the bones are there and something about the descriptions of the sea creatures feels familiar.
      Dear Dennis, than you so much for telling me of this story.
      I’m not going to close down the search just yet in case there are other suggestions.
      Is there anything I can do for you Dennis. Some item from the seaside town in northwest England where I live?

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