314D: Encyclopedia Brown without Mysteries (Solved)

I have strong memories of reading a chapter book in my grade school library where Encyclopedia Brown (or maybe another boy genius) plays harmless pranks on this hometown with the cooperation of the other kids. I remember it as a special edition of Encyclopedia Brown outside of the series where he solves mysteries.

In one story, the kids take all of their change from purchases as pennies for a few weeks, building up a huge stockpile of pennies — and then on a predetermined day, they go on a spending spree all over town making payment with pennies, leading to overflowing cash registers and befuddled clerks. In another story, the kids

In another story, the boy genius bets a friend that he can fool the whole town into believing that an imaginary person exists, and manages to get a library card and open a bank account in that fictional person’s name. He also describes the appearance of that person enough times that he convinces a whole crowd that they have seen him. He eventually reveals his duplicity and everyone is shocked to learn that they were fooled.

I have done hundreds of keyword searches on Google to track down this book, and have completely failed. I hope you can help me!

3 thoughts on “314D: Encyclopedia Brown without Mysteries (Solved)

  1. Sure, that’s one of the Alvin Fernald books — The Wacky World of Alvin Fernald, by Clifford B. Hicks.

    Fun series. Alvin Fernald is an inventor, among other things, and proclaims himself the possessor of “the Magnificent Brain.” There was a good book about secret codes in the series.

  2. That’s it! I thought it might be a different boy genius! So pleased to finally know the answer to my question. Thank you so much!


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