314S: Mystery with Pearl Found in Button Jar

I’m looking for a book with a young girl (tween,teen), maybe on vacation in a coastal town?  It’s some kind of a mystery and part of the mystery is solved when she remembers a pearl, or something similar is found in an old button jar. I would have read this in the 60’s or early 70’s. It may have been a scholastic book. It’s driving me nuts.

4 thoughts on “314S: Mystery with Pearl Found in Button Jar

  1. Oh, I think I know this one! It’s Ginnie and the Mystery Doll, part of the Ginnie and Geneva series.


    Ginnie and her best friend, Geneva, are on vacation at Cape Cod over the summer. Their families have pooled together to rent a house there. There’s a nice older lady who lives next door, and she lets them play with some old things in her attic on a rainy day. That’s when they find out about a doll that the lady’s mother owned as a child that supposedly has a valuable jewel. However, the doll disappeared years ago. Then, it suddenly turns up at an auction in town and disappears again when someone buys it. The secret of the doll’s disappearances has to do with a series of misunderstandings that go back years, and the pearl that came with the doll ended up in a jar of buttons because it was kind of an odd-shaped pearl, so people didn’t recognize what it was at first.

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