315B: Little Boy Stumbles Upon a Fairy Wedding

I’m looking for a vintage, illustrated children’s book that I believe was made in the 1940s or 1950s. In the story, a little boy (just one boy–no siblings or friends) somehow is invited to a fairy wedding and he dances and parties the whole night with the fairies, elves, goblins and toads before he has to go back home. Other details that stand out: he slides down a tunnel to get to an underground area where the “fairyland” is (my mom remembers this tunnel as starting at the base of a tree); he fills a jar with fireflies to make a lamp when walking through a dark place; at some point, either an elf or a toad or a fairy (some magical creature) is caught in something and he helps him escape and is rewarded by being a guest to a party/wedding (I think maybe the caught creature was the groom?); there is a cute little blushing bride who I believe is a fairy or something–I think the party was her wedding, but I’m not sure. My mother also remembers there being a lot of red-capped mushrooms throughout the book. Thanks!

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  1. When you mentioned red capped mushrooms, I was reminded of Elsa Beskow. Could the book you are looking for be “Around the Year”?

  2. Thank you for your responses! Unfortunately, it was neither Enid Blyton or Elsa Beskow. It was a stand-alone book, not a compilation or anything. The difference between this book and a Beskow one is primarily the illustrations—this book was very vibrant, lush and almost had the same look as Corinne Malvern illustrations. Maybe a little less detailed, though. It was not a Little Golden Book, though. I think I also remember that the little boy was blonde.

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