316F: Two sisters go to the rocksy-tocksy-wocksies (Solved)

I’m looking for this children’s book about two sisters. Big sister must take little sister out to play while mom is busy in the kitchen.  Little sister sings “We’re going to the rocksy-tocksy-wocksies” as they head to the shore to play on the rocks. Little sister slips and falls but big sister rescues her. My daughter checked this book out of the elementary school library around 1989-1992, but it had been published well before that. Thank you.

3 thoughts on “316F: Two sisters go to the rocksy-tocksy-wocksies (Solved)

  1. Do I Have to Take Violet? By Sucie Stevenson Editorial Review – Kirkus Reviews:
    A new author-illustrator makes a promising debut in a charming picture book about two bunnies who learn that playing together can be fun–even for sisters. Mama Bunny, needing some peace and quiet, prevails upon Elly to take younger sister Violet for a walk on a nearby rocky beach, which effectively spoils Elly’s plans for swimming, climbing trees, or skateboarding. Resentful, she tries older-sister tricks–ignoring Violet, attempting to scare her, telling her to go away–but Violet proves impervious…

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