316O: Man Attempts to Expose Shadow Government in England

I can’t remember if this was hardcover or paperback. The protagonist was a British government official in a fairly important post who discovers a shadow government that has plans to overthrow the legitimate British government.

When he refuses to go along with their plot, they frame him as a pedophile by putting child pornography on his computer. He escapes arrest and subsequently fakes his death. When his daughter comes to take possession/clean out his house, she finds small clues that would be meaningless to anyone else but lets her know he is alive.

CCTV is almost everywhere, and phone calls, mail/emails are screened. The protagonist enlists others to help him, and is successful in the end.

I think I read this around 2009, and gave it to someone else to read. Neither of us recall the title, but in 2011 when Rupert Murdoch was exposed as having monitored mail and cell phones in England is was eerily reminiscent of the book.

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