317I: Native American Girl Moves From Reservation to the City (Solved)

Children's chapter book about a Native American girl who moves from the reservation to the city with her family. The little girl is confused and embarrassed when she realizes, on her first day at the new school, that she is expected to bring lunch money. A woman gives her a donut. She makes a mental note that she has to ask her father for lunch money. Her brother runs away because of the culture shock and is discovered to have been living in a local park, hunting the urban wildlife. An officer or social services worker asks the family questions like, what is his name, how tall is he, how old, etc. and these questions strike the little girl as irrelevant because they don't mean as much as who her brother really is, like how he can run fast. Paperback. I think the cover was yellow with a picture of a Native-looking girl on it.

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  1. I don’t have title, but here’s more detail: father worked construction, mother had serious trouble keeping house, and the girl had never worn hard shoes but had to for school and because moccasins not enough support for walking on concrete. I’m 99% sure this was a Scholastic paperback!

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