317R: Compilation of Stories Book, Late 1970’s, Early 1980’s

The book was a compilation of stories. It had a brown hard cover & I recall that the book definitely had the Little Match Girl, the selfish giant as one of the stories, & the princess and the pea, but the story I’m wanting to find is of a young boy who I think his mother had to work new years eve & he was left home alone. It was a rainy night and he was looking out the window and a rain fairy appeared, who told him about the rain princess who was in love with the fire prince but they couldn’t be together. Then something along the lines of a fire fairy appearing in his fireplace and giving him a special suit to put on that shrunk him & he could then enter the fire with the fairy. End of story, the fire prince comes out of the fire and he and the rain princess are in love & decide they can’t live without each other so end up kissing which I think was the end of both as the fire was put out by the rain….if that makes any sense! I remember I loved the illustrations in this book, particularly this story. If you have any suggestions, that would be fantastic. Cheers!

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