318K: The Magic Tent (Solved!)

I read this book when I was young in the 80s. It was about a brother and sister (I think) who were caught in a rainstorm and happened upon a sagging, scary looking tent. They went inside and magically it was a bright, exciting room with some kind of delicious food (ice cream? cotton candy?) and I think a pinball machine? I feel like there was a witch involved, who turned out to be a good witch, but maybe I’m making that up.

4 thoughts on “318K: The Magic Tent (Solved!)

  1. This is one of the witch books by Norman Bridwell! It’s THE WITCH’S VACATION. Later issues of it have slightly different and colorized illustrations.
    -Jen the Librarian

  2. Hi Jen the Librarian,

    I ordered the book and you are 100% right! Thank you so much for scratching this brain itch. My sister and I are both so excited to have the answer.


  3. Thank you, Jen the Librarian! I ordered the book and you are 100% correct! My sister and I are so happy to have this mystery solved.

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