319H: Teenage Girl Deals With Kangaroo Court

I am looking for a book that was probably written in the 1950s or early 1960s.  It was a part of my grade school library, a school that converted from a K-12 school to a K-8 in 1965 or so.  The book might have been written as a young adult novel.  It was about a teenage girl and her dealing with high school life (boyfriends, homework, mean girls).  I do remember that one chapter was titled “The Kangaroo Court”.  I do not remember the very much more about the book, but “Pink” comes to mind – either part of the title or another chapter.  I hope this jogs someone’s memory!

One thought on “319H: Teenage Girl Deals With Kangaroo Court

  1. This sounds like “The Pink Dress” by Anne Alexander, published in 1959. It was republished a couple of years ago with a different cover, but if you google you can find pictures of the original cover (Goodreads shows the original cover).

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