321K: Adventures Of A Blue Scotty Dog

Tile:  Unknown
Cover:  Hardback, Vanilla colored, with a blue Scotty plush dog on it.
The book is illustrated with pictures of stuffed toys.
Book Company:  Unknown
Description:  I am looking for an old Children’s/Nursery book that I had when I was 7.  Memory is fuzzy, but it was a larger, hardback book, maybe 14 pages, off-white in color with a little blue stuffed dog on the cover.  It had a French sounding theme/name to it.  It was about a little stuffed dog, a knight, that went and saved a damsel (little stuffed girl dog) from a castle and they lived happily ever after.  I have searched online for it, with no success.  Maybe I don’t know enough about it to be found.  Thanks so very much!!!

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