321N: Boy Dreams Of Playing Triangle In Orchestra

I was born in 1950 and remember the decade of the 50’s as a time when my mom read to us every day.  There was one particular book that I recall enjoying but have not seen since I was a child.  Whenever I made the weekly trips to the library with my three (now adult) sons, I would look for that book but never saw it.
This is what I do and do not remember.  I do not remember the title, author or even what the book looked like.  In fact, I can’t remember how it ended!  What I do remember is that it was the story of a young child (boy I think) whose great aspiration was to play the triangle in the orchestra.  This required him traveling a distance to get to the orchestra in some distant town.  His mother packed his suitcase for him and filled it with sandwiches!  Of course I’m relying on  a memory from 60 years ago so who knows!  Funny but I can’t remember if he ever achieved his dream!

2 thoughts on “321N: Boy Dreams Of Playing Triangle In Orchestra

  1. Mama Squirrel

    It sounds like Gossamer Wump, including the sandwiches, but that was a record and I can’t find any listings for it as a book.


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