321Z: Mother’s Rose Garden?

I read this book when I was younger and think I had remembered it being this sort of title but considering I haven’t been able to find it I assume I’m wrong. The book is about a boy who is growing up with issues, having incestuous delusions of his mother, and at the same time her dealing with that and also trying to maintain some normalcy in life after her husband dies.
The story jumps with the boy now a young man but finding himself having mental issues and having numerous occasions with women where he becomes very sexually dark and it seems to always end badly. Throughout the story there are dead girls being found and the head of one of the girls is found in his mothers bushes at her house.
I think I remember at the end he accidentally killed the girl he was in love with and then there is a showdown where he falls off a cliff. Some of my memories are a bit blurry. Hope someone can help me figure out the book!

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