322B: A Sea Princess Riding a Great Dane (Solved)

Looking for a children’s book we used to get from public library. Dewey number in the 300s/fairy and folk tale section. The story involved a sea king’s daughter and a tea party? The end pages had a black line with color washes drawing of the sea princess (with crown/long wavy hair) riding a Great Dane type dog (with antenna.) Another illustration was an underwater scene with anemone and a glass palace.  We read the book in the mid to late 90s. No idea when it was published. Do not think this was a mermaid tale. The artwork was subtle & lovely, not brash or cartoonish. Do not recall if there were other stories in the book.

4 thoughts on “322B: A Sea Princess Riding a Great Dane (Solved)

  1. This is exactly the book I have been looking for as well! I’m sorry I can’t provide any more details, but, I may be able to provide extra details. The Great Dane with antennae and fish-like spine is my clearest memory as well.

    I recall that there was a man trying to rescue (or just claim the hand in marriage of?) the sea king’s daughter, and that he had to go through a series of trials. I believe at one point he was feeding all the animals that the sea king kept, and the man got paid one coin the first day, two coins the second day, and three coins the third day (for a total of six coins). I think he may have also turned into a bird at some point?

    I remember the glass palace as well. I believe that was the climax of the book, and there was a dinner party of the sea king’s guests, and the glass palace was destroyed during the final confrontation.

    Hopefully this can jog some more memories!

  2. Additional memories of this story: My memory of the plot sounds like the Russian folk-tale of Sadko, but, the book I remember is NOT The Sea King’s Daughter as by Aaron Shepard. It also sounds similar to The Sea King by Jane Yolen, but, the illustrations are not the same.

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