322N: Aliens Use TV For Mind Control (Solved)

Seeking a Kid's Book, I believe I read it in the early 80’s. About aliens invading and a group of friends trying to stop it? Or kids who had a machine that allowed them to make people think aliens were invading via TV. . . sort of a kid's War of the Worlds. Or kids get a machine from aliens to control people via the TV. May have had some device for mind control like TV or remote control. I think it took place in a big city. Had a cartoon-like cover. . . there may have been similar illustrations throughout the book. It was for kids 8-12 range I’d guess. I know it’s not the book series “Tripods”, for younger kids than that. I was young when I read it. . it's driving me nuts!!! Thanks

8 thoughts on “322N: Aliens Use TV For Mind Control (Solved)

  1. Many years later, John Christopher wrote a prequel to the Tripods trilogy, When the Tripods Came, that read much younger than the original three. I know you said not-Tripods but you might not know about that latecomer.

  2. I know this doesn’t answer your question, but this is also the plot of the last episode of The Monkees, entitled “The Frotis Caper.” It’s the creepiest episode of the series.

  3. Lisa, I wish it was, but the book I have in mind looked more like a Saturday morning cartoon. I really appreciate the suggestion, as I’m beginning to think I made up the whole thing!

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