322W: Delightful Arabian Folktales

Looking for a children’s book with a yellow cloth cover and a drawing of a red tree on the front. It had stories about djinns in it and a story about a tree with three different colored branches, and a story about a dress woven from spider webs and so fine it fit into a walnut shell, and a story about a prince who disguised himself with tripe on his head to pretend to be a beggar.

My friend thought the book was Arabian folktales. She saw this book when she was a child, about 20 years ago.


2 thoughts on “322W: Delightful Arabian Folktales

  1. I don’t know the anthology, but the story about the dress that fits into a walnut shell is an Irish tale known as “Catskin” or “The Princess and the Catskin,” which was also collected by the Brothers Grimm and written up by authors of other nationalities. So the anthology must contain that, and it’s probably not 100% Arabian tales.

  2. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve been searching for it for years as well. I would have read it in the early 70s, and from the gold foil label I remember on the spine, I thought it was published by Doubleday or Knopf, but that could be totally imagined.

    Good luck!

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