324E: Dolls Come to Life

This was an old book that I read around 1987-88. I remember it being beautifully descriptive, concerning the dolls, which came to life and spoke to one another when the girl was away, and their house and dresses. I think I remember the descriptions depicting debutante style dress, with parasols and the like. There may have been conflict regarding a less auspicious doll joining the house. This story does not match up with anything I have yet looked up, though The Best-Loved Doll did come close to ringing a bell.

6 thoughts on “324E: Dolls Come to Life

  1. Rumer Godden wrote several books where dolls, often in dollhouses, had lives of their own. I suggest a Google search “rumer godden doll books” and then checking Goodreads to see whether any of the synopses trigger your memory.

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