324P: A History of Sturdivant Hall

In the mid-1970s, I enjoyed a family vacation through the Southern States. We stopped in Selma, Alabama, and toured Sturdivant Hall.  During the tour, I remembered a book displayed on a table in the entrance that I wanted, but my parents thought otherwise.

The tour guide said that it was about the history of Sturdivant Hall (or family). I believe it had a photo of one or two girls whose portrait was hanging on the wall of the front parlor. It was a creepy painting because their eyes seem to follow you as you moved about the room.

I failed to note the name of the book. I remembered it being fairly thick.  I cannot find anything close on the internet (archive.org, amazon.com, google.com) to what I remember seeing.

One thought on “324P: A History of Sturdivant Hall

  1. I did a little poking around, but the only book I found was a book of ghost stories that mentioned the house and Parkman family. It’s old enough to be the book, but it’s not particularly about the family history.


    The house apparently also got a mention in these two books:

    Gamble, Robert (1990). Historic architecture in Alabama: a guide to styles and types, 1810-1930. Tuscaloosa, Alabama: University of Alabama Press.

    Hammond, Ralph (1951). Ante-Bellum Mansions of Alabama. New York: Architectural Book Publishers.

    If you haven’t already contacted the gift shop, maybe you could send them a message and see if they’re still selling it. It might only be available locally, but maybe they could send you a copy.


    If that doesn’t work, maybe the local historical society can help.


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