324V: Picture Book About Girl And Beloved Doll

The children’s book I am searching for was published anywhere from 1970 to 1980.
A young girl loves her doll and dances with her. When she moves to a new home, the doll is left behind.  When she arrives at her new home, a new doll awaits her.


4 thoughts on “324V: Picture Book About Girl And Beloved Doll

  1. I remember a book about a girl who was moving and had a favorite tree in the backyard, and when they leave the house she accidentally leaves the doll by the tree. But at the new house, when she explores her room, there is a new doll waiting for her on the bed. I seem to remember that it was the beginning of a chapter book, not a picture book. Is this the same one you’re looking for?

    • Could be. I don’t recall any tree in the book. I remembered the large pictures, so Im still leaning towards a picture book. Thank you.

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