326L: Beautiful Dresses From Night Sky

I live in the UK and I am looking for a Children’s anthology of stories (I think), which I had as a child in the 1950s (it may have been older).   It included a story about three poor princesses called Cordelia, Sylvia and Arabella who were invited to a ball but had to make their dresses from old curtains.  The animals and birds helped to make them beautiful dresses from the night sky, sashes of rainbows, ice crowns and stars for their hair and fluffy cloud cloaks.  It was a lovely story, illustrated with black and white drawings.  I have been searching for it for years with no luck.  Maybe someone might recognize it and be able to tell me more.

4 thoughts on “326L: Beautiful Dresses From Night Sky

  1. It reminds me strongly of one of the stories from Eleanor Farjeon’s *The Little Bookroom*, but that doesn’t have the animal-helper elements and it’s just one girl going to three balls. I think it’s called “The Little Dressmaker”.

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