326N: The Way of the Cross for Young Christians

I’m looking for information on how to obtain a religious booklet from my childhood. Title: The Way of the Cross for Young Christians. Probably published in 1970. It has retro artwork, and I was able to find a picture of the cover. The images from this book are seared into my brain and were a huge part of my Catholic school childhood.
Also, I think the illustrator, Jeanne Hunt Miller, might have done handkerchiefs in a similar mid-century modern style, many of which are available on Etsy. Don’t know if that helps?
One last thing, the author may be Rev. William J. McLoughlin. There’s an updated version on Amazon, but it has different illustrations; I also called the publishing house, but they only had the new publication with the blue and yellow cover.
Any help would be appreciated!!

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  1. There’s one for sale right now on Amazon — search for the title, then click where it says “More buying choices” and gives a number of “used and new offers.” One of the listings specifies the 1970 edition and has a picture of the same cover.

    If that happens to sell before you read this, keep checking eBay as well as third-party sellers on Amazon. I see a copy of your 1970 edition sold in January for under $12. I’m sure you won’t have to wait long for a good used copy.

  2. Hello! I have this booklet, possibly more than one. I am quite positive that I purchased them at the Pauline Book Store (run by The Daughters of St. Paul) in downtown Cleveland, Ohio for my own children during the mid-1980’s. The Cleveland store closed down some time ago, but there are stores throughout the country, including in Chicago, St. Louis, Alexandria,VA, Toronto, Ontario, Canada etc. They have a website. I bought a few of them at the time and still have them.

  3. Were you ever able to find a copy of the original version? My school used the same copies (the pink cover, not the blue and yellow one). I think about the illustrations and book every Lenten season, and would love to be able to find a copy myself.

  4. I’ve been searching for this childhood stations of the cross booklet too!! Thank you so much everyone for paving the way 🙂

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