326P: Mechanical Illustrations From The Future

I was born in 1977, and remember a picture book with lots of detailed illustrations including cross sections of spaceships and people on conveyor belts being fed via mechanical arms from ceiling (I remember a woman tilting her head back to receive a giant claw full of salad). Also, a kind of altered lawn tractor that did everything, including cutting all the flowers off with a reciprocating hedge trimmer attachment. I thought I may be confusing this with “Little Monster Goes to Work”, which i also loved, but having recently looked through the latter, realized it is a different book. Please help!

2 thoughts on “326P: Mechanical Illustrations From The Future

  1. Could you be thinking of Richard Scarry books? They show a lot of cross sections of lots of different things. Or Stephen Biesty? Not sure about the future aspect, but could well have been one of these authors/illustrators. I loved poring over these illustrations when I was a kid.

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