326Q: Boarding School Girls Discuss Castle Drachenfels (Solved!)

I read it in the 1970s.  It was written for girls, maybe came in two volumes, the copies at the library had stripes on the covers.  Came from the Beverly Hills Public Library, if that is helpful.

I think it took place in a girls’ boarding school.  Maybe there was one girl called Cordelia, shortened to Cordy.  Maybe in it they told a story about a Castle Drachenfels.  It’s possible I’m mixing this up with another book, but maybe not.

Please help!  Thanks!

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  1. Well, the 1967 Disney movie “The Happiest Millionaire” with Fred MacMurray and Lesley Ann Warren features a girl named Cordy who goes off to boarding school, and it’s apparently based on a book by Cordelia Biddle called “My Philadelphia Father.” So maybe that’s at least one book that gave you these memories. Good luck!

  2. Maybe one of the Canby Hall books? Possibly a long shot since those were a bit later (mid-to-late ’80s), but Wikipedia suggested that one of the girls has the last name Cord.

  3. This is Two Are Better Than One by Carol Ryrie Brink. Chrystal and Cordy are the friends and they write a novel together. Castle Drachenfels is part of the setting of the novel.

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