326S: Book about a disabled girl who laughed but didn’t talk (Solved!)

I read this book in the late 70’s or early 80s. It popped into my head today; I don’t know why, and now I feel driven to reread it, but again, I don’t know why. The cover was an outdoor scene — a grassy field with some blurred figures, hard to make out. The novel was about a girl who lived in a hospital or an institution. She was physically disabled (wheelchair) and also did not talk. However, she did laugh at least once, and it seemed that she may have had a sense of irony that others didn’t recognize. The point of view was, I think, from her brother, who was visiting her. There was something disturbing about the story, but I can’t remember what it was. The only other thing I remember is that she had a unique name. This may also have been the name of the book. It had a T and an I in it – Tig? Twig? Twich? THANK YOU!


5 thoughts on “326S: Book about a disabled girl who laughed but didn’t talk (Solved!)

    • YES!!!!! Thank you, Mama Squirrel! Did you do a search, or do you just remember it? Also, do you happen to remember the author? All the books that are popping up are “Tinkerbelle” type books.

  1. You have an amazing memory! Only one letter missing. I have a sister who is a librarian, and I shared your “Tink” clue with her. She was able to locate TWINK this afternoon as well – literally just got the text from her a few moments ago. But she would not have been able to find the book without your clue. Thank you so much!!!! I was starting to think that the book had been scrubbed from all the records or something. This is the most amazing feeling.

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