327M: Mouse Finds Friend In Hurt Bird

I am looking for a children’s book that my mom read to me over and over again. It was about a mouse (?) that was trying to find a friend, when he encounters a hurt bird. The line “It was up to him to help the bird, he would have to find a friend another day,” is surely a direct quote from the book. There were strawberries involved and lovely woodland illustrations. Of course, the hurt bird became the friend the mouse was looking for all along.

One thought on “327M: Mouse Finds Friend In Hurt Bird

  1. It’s a long shot, but is it Freddy’s Spring Picnic by AE Linderman? The bird isn’t hurt, but it’s a mama and the babies can’t fly yet so all the animals help get the, to the picnic. The woodland illustrations are beautiful and strawberries feature heavily. The line you mention is not in the book. https://pratchet.com/short-animation-about-kindness-and-helping-each-other-out/ Here is a video I saw recently that made me pause on your inquiry.

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