328C: Where Did My Disappearing Woman Go?

I have been searching several years for a book whose title and author I cannot remember. My recollection of the plot is sketchy, but I do remember the basic concept.

  • Probably read it in the 80s. Maybe early 90s
  • Female author.
  • Likely bought the book because I recognized author’s name, so probably not a rookie.
  • She was a story teller who used humor sometimes.
  • The basic theme was about a woman (age uncertain) who felt as though she was disappearing, bit by bit. Disappearing as in not being noticed/relevant/whatever.
  • My fuzzy recollection is that others couldn’t see that this was happening to her.
  • Vague recollection of book cover art: a woman was portrayed mostly as a real person. But some of her picture was composed of dotted lines indicating graphically that part of her had disappeared/was disappearing.
  • I’ve Googled my brains out. Lists of female authors writing in the 1970-1990 era. Also lists of best sellers. Maybe my book was a flop.
  • I’ve consulted librarians.
  • I’ve posted this weird quest on Facebook, since I have many friends there who are voracious readers.

How vague is that?!
Can you help me find this?

4 thoughts on “328C: Where Did My Disappearing Woman Go?

  1. The timeline doesn’t match up, but it sounds so much like Calling Invisible Women by Jeanne Ray that I had to at least mention it! Maybe it will be mentioned somewhere in the book’s comments or reviews?

  2. This sounds a lot like Displaced Person by Lee Harding, except I think the main character was a teenage boy, not a girl. And it’s not a female author. Good book though!

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