328S: World Without Color Becomes Colorful

I am looking for a book I read to my children sometime between 1981-1985.  It is about a world without color that then became colorful. There was a line “the brown earth” and maybe gray earth was mentioned – that is about all I can remember.

5 thoughts on “328S: World Without Color Becomes Colorful

  1. You might be thinking of The Giver. In that book, music, color, other attributes are centered in one person. The protagonist is supposed to take on the burden but refuses so everything changes.

  2. thank you – the book I am trying to remember was a much shorter children’s’ book with pictures of a grey or colourless world that gradually becomes filled with colors.

  3. Does the boom have thick pages and is if a spiral bound? Is the illustrations style almost psychedelic? Is there a girl who is sort of flying and also a cat on the magenta of red page? If so I know the book. I can’t recall the name just now but it’s by the same company that made another book about a frog where there is a hole that builds on it myself. I also am fairly certain that I own it. Either way if this info sound right I will answer very soon.

  4. Is it the Land of Colors?It doesn’t start out grey but each page is a different color and there is a picture of brown earth being farmed.It is a poke and look book.

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