328X: Addicted Author Deals With Occult Writer Father’s Antics

I read this book around the year 2000. The opening scene is a son who returns home to find a naked woman swimming in the family pool, another one of his fathers acolytes.

The author’s father is a well-known writer who also has a cult-like following. I believe the action takes place in New England. I believe the father writes nonfiction books on the occult and paranormal.

The author, who is also a writer, has a substance-abuse problem which involves drinking and taking any kind of mind altering drugs that he can find.  The best writing in this book is about what it’s like to be addicted. I believe the situation in New England is that the father has remarried but his ex-wife also lives on the compound. This is the author’s mother.

The writing is excellent, especially the description of the author’s desperation digging through his father’s recliner looking for the odd pain pill.

Thanks for your help in locating this book as I would really like to re-read it.

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