329G: Silver Headed Ghost Children (Solved!)

The second story I am trying to track down from my childhood is an anthology of weird and horror stories (not really gory given the era, and written for children). It was in our school library in the early 80s and worn, so it could easily date to the 1950s through the 1970s. The story is about two children (a brother and sister) who come across and old house in the woods and find that a family of children live there who are very strange. They have silver hair and no parents. Eventually the unusual children hold a party with a big cake that has a sleigh with two small dolls that look like the brother and sister. The brother and sister find out that when the sleigh rolls down the hill of the cake they will be trapped forever to stay with the silver headed children. They flee the house and when they return the next morning they find nothing but ancient ruins. Apparently the silver headed children are ghosts that only occasionally turn up and wanted the brother and sister to join them. I'm afraid I don't recall any of the other stories in the anthology. Thanks!

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  1. I’m sorry I can’t be more help but I know I read the story you are describing. I thought it was called the Snow Queen for years but of course that is another story. I feel like this was the type of anthology where it had one drawing to go with each story but my memory is hazy. I really hope you find if because I want to know too. I also recall nothing but this story.

  2. Wow! I’m glad someone remembers it at least. I do think the book was illustrated.

    It’s been so long that my memories just don’t have more to offer on it, since it is approaching 40 years ago. It isn’t the Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson, although that is another one I ready many years ago!

  3. Try The Phantom Cyclists, a ghost story anthology by Ruth Ainsworth. The White Haired Children is the title of the story.

  4. That is it! Another one solved!

    I located an open library copy of The Phantom Cyclist and it has the same illustrations and everything.

    Thank you!

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