329N: Magical World Past A Hole In The A Hedge

Seeking children’s picture book, pre-1999 but probably after 1980. Round brothers and sister with straw hats (maybe sailor outfits too) find a hole in a hedge. They get all dirty in a mud puddle and find a magical world with a very geometric castle on the other side of the hedge. One of them might get lost/want to stay. Found in a library in 90s. Driving me insane.

One thought on “329N: Magical World Past A Hole In The A Hedge

  1. Is it possibly The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit? Kind of a long shot, but it starts with 4 siblings finding a hole in a hedge that leads to a “castle” with a hedge maze.

    “In the middle of the maze in the rose garden they find a sleeping fairy-tale princess.The “princess” tells them that the castle is full of magic, and they almost believe her. She shows them the treasures of the castle, including a magic ring she says is a ring of invisibility, but when it actually turns her invisible she panics and admits that she is the housekeeper’s niece, Mabel, and was just play-acting.The children soon discover that the ring has other magical powers.”

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