329V: Girl who runs family farm or plantation and love story with doctor

I’m looking for an older book. It was a bit like Daddy Long-Legs and Dear Enemy in tone, although not written in epistolary format. In the book, the girl (either an older teen or early 20’s) is in charge of running a family farm or plantation after the death of a family member (can’t remember if one or both parents died). There are various servants and some younger family members who live there as well. The girl has to shoulder the burden of all the work. Various challenges ensue, including everyone getting sick and a local area doctor coming to treat them. I want to say that they were raising cotton, but I’m not completely sure. She initially thinks that the doctor hates her, but in the end, he reveals his love and admiration for her. I believe it is set in the US—either the South or the Midwest. The time period would be early 20th century—it’s definitely not set later than 1950. I checked it out from the library several times and I believe the author’s last name is towards the end of the alphabet, although I can’t quite remember what it was.

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