330E: Late-90’s SciFi Book With Female Lead Pilot

Hi! On the eve of my daughter’s 21st birthday, 11th of January 1998, I had just flown in to London from I think Paris. We were all staying in a London hotel in Piccadilly and as part of the birthday it was theatre and then dinner. I had in my possession a science fiction book I had bought on the way out to Paris at Heathrow airport. I had only read a few pages and i left it behind at the hotel. Although I had only read a few pages I found it a very good start and amusing. The hotel was unable to findĀ  it. I have been looking for ages so all the current well known female leads are not it. I was/am a big SF fan.
I have no idea of the author or title. All I can remember is that a female captain/pilot was being sent again on a mission and she was joking with the guy sending her out.

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  1. Chris Claremont’s series Nicole Shea is about a female pilot with a Sci-Fi setting that was first published in 1990. Maybe one of those books is it?

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